Museum Security Network mailing list messages December 1, 2006 – December 25, 2007

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Museum Security Network mailing list messages December 1, 2006 – December 25, 2007

Museum Security Network mailing list messages December 1, 2006 – December 25, 2007

December 2006 Archives by date

Starting: Fri Dec 1 00:10:28 CET 2006
Ending: Sun Dec 31 11:26:02 CET 2006
Messages: 197

  1. Klimt article - interesting Canadian Jewish News Nov 30 2006  

  2. Spain. L'Alcora builder arrested for trafficking in stolen art.  

  3. A gang of thieves disguised as builders were foiled as they tried to steal part of a derelict building featuring the work of controversial graffiti artist Banksy.  

  4. WWII art: looted, but from whom? The Netherlands still searching for pre-World War II owners of artworks.  

  5. A 27-year-old man who died this month is believed to be one of three masked gunmen who snatched the Edvard Munch paintings The Scream and Madonna from an Oslo museum in August 2004. Dead man's tale casts new light on Munch heist.  

  6. Norway. The man reputed to have provided police with information linking the organizer of the NOKAS (Norwegian Cash Service) robbery and the theft of two Edvard Munch masterpieces has been found dead at a hospice.  

  7. Peru. Roban lienzos y piezas de plata en iglesia cuzqueña.  

  8. Roban lienzos coloniales de iglesia en Perú  

  9. Germany, Weimar: Anna Amalia Bibliothek, ein Zwischenstand. Brandspuren werden nicht beseitigt, Wiedereröffnung im nächsten Oktober.  

  10. Obituary: Robert Volpe, 63, NYPD Detective Founded Art Crime Unit. "If you aren't dealing in questionable art and antiquities, then you aren't dealing. It's just the way it is."  

  11. Guilty plea in theft of Theodore Roosevelt gun from Sagamore Hill National Historical Site.  

  12. Robert Volpe in Washington Post  

  13. FW: contentieux entre l'Etat Italien et le Getty Museum  

  14. IRAN. Illegal Diggers Smash Artifacts . Heavy rainfall forced archeologists abandon Lorestan's ancient cemetery of Babajilan while illegal diggers continue to destroy the region's invaluable bronze relics.  

  15. British galleries importing art for display may be required to list the pieces at least six months in advance, allowing claims to be filed for looted art.  

  16. The husband-and-wife owners of a San Francisco art gallery are facing felony charges of grand theft and fraud after they refused to return oil paintings valued at $300, 000, according to police.  

  17. Canada. Des tableaux dérobés à Sillery  

  18. S.A.: Art thief suspect behind bars  

  19. Chinese scientist asks U.S. auctioneers not to put dinosaur nest under hammer.  

  20. Mineraliendiebstahl : Coburger Polizei gründet Ermittlungsgruppe " Samsonit ".  

  21. The Getty and Italy to resolve museum impasse (By Michael Brand)  

  22. UTAH. Artifact thief sent to prison.  

  23. INDIA. Latest fire safety system for Salar Jung Museum soon  

  24. Italian films threatened by age await restoration.  

  25. A peace offering from Italy begins new era at the MFA.  

  26. Empire Management and The Getty (comments )  

  27. After six decades of wrangling, Egyptians living in the hills near Luxor have agreed to move out and give tourists and archaeologists access to nearly 1, 000 Pharaonic tombs that lie beneath their homes.  

  28. PERU. Roban siete lienzos y obras de plata en iglesia peruana  

  29. ARGENTINA. Advierten sobre el avance del tráfico cultural en la frontera  

  30. Stealing beauty. There were smiles all around when Melbourne's Weeping Woman was found. But most art theft ends in tears. (Review: Museum of the Missing)  


  32. Sul 'Los Angeles Times' Il J'Accuse! del Direttore del Getty Museum]  

  33. [Fwd: Rutelli, le promesse americane]  

  34. 300 oeuvres d'art volées chaque année (Het Nieuwsblad op Zondag)  

  35. Wormser Zeitung Feurige Debatte um Kunst-Installation - Wehrleute bewachen "HHole" in der Kunsthalle / Durch Loch kann sich Rauch ausbreiten  

  36. Mexico: Mundo Hispano Dan a conocer telfonos para denunciar robo de bienes culturales.  

  37. The Case of Pollock’s Fractals Focuses on Physics  

  38. Belgium. Politie-expert getuigt: Belgie draaischijf van gestolen kunstwerken  

  39. Ten years anniversary  

  40. From Ruins of Afghan Buddhas, a History Grows  

  41. Un codice a barre per le opere d'arte: un ‘marchio’ inconfondibile nel caso di furti e falsi  

  42. Did lawyer know antiques were stolen? Counsel must have known client swiped high-end items, Crown tells trial, but defence says  

  43. Man might face trial in Filson Society letter thefts  

  44. New Zealand - $10,000 sculpture stolen from art gallery  

  45. Diebe stehlen zehn Porträts früherer Bürgermeister aus Rathaus Schöneberg. Gleich zehn ehemalige Amtsträger sind verschwun  

  46. Spain. Art forgery gang detained  

  47. Thieves threaten the Elimination of the Sumerian civilization in Dhi-Qar  

  48. Sequestrati millecentosessantasette reperti archeologici di origine siciliana venduti in un'asta online  

  49. Robert Volpe-Art Theft Expert; NY Times  

  50. Russia's Hermitage puts stolen artworks on display  

  51. Police seek help from archaeologists to track Jain statue mystery  

  52. Hall Of Famer's Signed Baseball Returned To Family  

  53. Tribe wants to end antiques roadshow  

  54. Betty Tompkins:SoHo Artist Censored in France and Japan  

  55. Suspected thief caught in Hermitage museum.  

  56. Mammoth bones found, reburied.  

  57. U.K. Pensioner steals Lowry sculpture  

  58. Germany. Vermisstes Nolde-Porträt nach fast 30 Jahren aufgetaucht  

  59. Artifacts, pottery stolen from I-10 rest area  

  60. Flight of fancy: forged airmail stamp captures imaginations  

  61. Calif. couple left trail of lies, disappointments in art world  

  62. Tunesia. Plus de 53 pièces de monnaie et une statuette datant de l'époque romaine ont été récupérées par les services de police à Tébessa, alors qu'elles étaient sur le point d'être acheminées vers la Tunisie, a-t-on appris de source policière.  

  63. Curator keeps watchful eye on painting's trip to Rome.  

  64. Police: Dealers made off with valued art. Case sheds light on business world of art.  

  65. The opening of the Kansas Underground Salt Museum again will be delayed while emergency equipment is installed at the 650-foot-deep museum.  

  66. Italian American Police Society Condemns Getty  

  67. Getty Is Expected to Return Gold Wreath to Greece  

  68. Book Theft Caught On Tape. Toronto Pair Accused Of Stealing Antiques.  

  69. The J. Paul Getty Museum plans to announce today the return of two prized ancient masterpieces to Greece, which has maintained for a decade that they were illegally removed from the country.  

  70. Betty Tompkins: SoHo Artist Is Censored in France and Japan]  

  71. LATEST: ethnographic objects stolen in National Gallery Harare, Zimbabwe, June 2006 all recovered in Poland  

  72. Giovanni Pinna's request to ICOM]  

  73. LATEST: ethnographic objects stolen in National Gallery Harare, Zimbabwe, June 2006 all recovered in Poland  

  74. U.K. Heavy sculpture stolen from house  

  75. Savona: furti d'opere d'arte, arresti anche a Savona.  

  76. Missing manuscripts worth nearly $1 million found.  

  77. Sculpture reported stolen from late actor Anthony Quinn's house.  

  78. LOS LADRONES SALTARON DESDE EL BALCON DE UN EDIFICIO VECINO. Recoleta: dos "hombres araña" robaron obras de arte en un departamento de un piso 11.  

  79. Russia. female museum custodian fought bravely over a priceless silver ladle with a former security guard who made a reckless attempt to steal it from the State Hermitage Museum  

  80. Greeks Hail Getty Museum ¹ s Pledge to Return Treasures  

  81. No subject  

  82. No subject  

  83. No subject  

  84. No subject  

  85. No subject  

  86. No subject  

  87. No subject  

  88. In an effort to stop the theft and resale of textbooks, Penn State University Police have asked downtown bookstores to begin checking the identification of people who sell back textbooks.  

  89. The Take On Art Theft.  

  90. An ancient statue and a marble head that were stolen in Rome in the 1980s were returned to Italy after authorities traced them to New York and Barcelona, Spain  

  91. Roma, tornano a casa due opere d'arte rubate.  

  92. Recuperate opere d'arte rubate. Operazione tra Calabria e Sicilia dei Carabinieri. Ritrovate statute trafugate in alcune chiese.  

  93. Sculpture stolen from Quinn estate recovered.  

  94. Antique smugglers struck gold on Sunday night when they stole away a rare manuscript written in golden letters by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.  

  95. What happened to 22, 000 pieces of gold - jewel-encrusted crowns, daggers and baubles from an ancient burial mound - that had apparently vanished from Afghanistan in the 1980s?  

  96. Artist hopes statue will be returned. The sculpture of a little girl, "Jumping for Joy, " created by Jim McGinniss, disappeared from the Union Square shopping center.  

  97. The Greeks may have failed to reclaim the Elgin Marbles from the British Museum, but they scored a significant victory yesterday when the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles took the dramatic step of returning two important antiquities.  

  98. Meininger Herzoghaus schenkt Anna Amalia Bibliothek Bücher  

  99. Hundreds of liters of hot water flooded the showroom of Iceland's Museum of Natural History, which houses the last Great Auk in Iceland, when a pipe burst yesterday.  

  100. Last Hurrah for Street Art, as Canvas Goes Condo  

  101. L'Arte Rubata, il Ritorno. Arma dei Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza e Polizia di Stato a difesa del nostro patrimonio artistico.  

  102. Iraqi authorities have challenged the legality of an auction of what they claim are two "stolen" ancient Sumerian artefacts, but German customs officials said the Munich sale had already taken place and could not be stopped.  

  103. Texas art prof sentenced in Gould theft case. In May, police arrested Moore after items from Library and Archives Canada's Glenn Gould collection appeared for sale in an online auction.  

  104. Lenin Goes Missing in Latvia, Police Perplexed Over Theft  

  105. An antiques expert who regularly appears on BBC's Bargain Hunt appeared in court on Wednesday charged with stealing two paintings worth thousands of pounds from a pensioner.  

  106. Small fire at Museum of Science and Industry  

  107. The Stone of Destiny is to remain behind the portcullis and bank vault security of Edinburgh Castle, despite pressure from Perthshire to have it returned to its ancient resting place at Scone.  

  108. Gestohlenes Spitzweg-Gemälde wieder aufgetaucht.  

  109. An illegal shipment of six ancient religious statues seized by customs officers at the Heathrow airport last year handed over to Indian High Commissioner Kamalesh Sharma.  

  110. Museum trustees under fire. Angry members demand answers to director Williams' departure.  

  111. Police Recover Valuable Painting In German Art Theft  

  112. Museum Fires Not Related To Each Other - Or So They Say.  

  113. Powder forces library evacuation.  

  114. Greek bishop asks Pope to return piece of Parthenon.  

  115. Italian police said Thursday they have uncovered an international art trafficking ring based in Rome and have recovered about 100 artifacts.  

  116. Ein Geschenk zu Weihnachten. Gestohlenes Spitzweg-Gemälde aufgetaucht / 41-Jähriger aus Mannheim festgenommen.  

  117. U.K. Churches targeted.  

  118. Operazione "Malta": recuperate a Roma varie opere d'arte pubblicato da Graziarosa Villani.  

  119. The daughters of a late revolutionary artist have stopped cooperating with Davis gallery owner John Natsoulas for a show, saying they question the authenticity of a painting sources say Natsoulas has attributed to their father.  

  120. Police clueless about Aurangzeb's stolen 'Gulistan'.  

  121. Canada. Connecting the dots in art-theft 'project'. The case unravels against a colourful cast of characters accused of high-end heists/  

  122. Thieves have targeted Paris' famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery, the last resting place of Moliere, Marcel Proust, Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison.  

  123. Dalya Alberge's judgment that the Greeks have failed to reclaim the Elgin Marbles, from the British Museum must be viewed as strictly interlocutory.  

  124. Our history stolen by fire.  

  125. Grave robbery keeps Chinese archaeologists bustling around.  

  126. To Sketch a Thief.  

  127. Erste Aufträge zur Restaurierung beschädigter Bücher.  

  128. From Pomegranate to Dearborn: The loss of Iraqi art.  

  129. The True Art of Living (English Translation)  

  130. L'Arte DI Vivere  

  131. Illicit artefacts sold as eBay turns blind eye  

  132. Returning an heirloom. Family finds comfort in painting's recovery.  

  133. Is phobia behind the clown vandalism?  

  134. The Ministry of Culture announces the opening of the Iraqi museum early next year.  

  135. New Zealand. The theft of a bronze sculpture from a Havelock North gallery last Wednesday was a copycat of similar thefts from Auckland galleries.  

  136. Canada. Monumental theft. Workers at a North York metal fabricating company are devastated after the bizarre weekend theft of their mascot "Atlas, " a 4-metre-high statue.  

  137. Antiquities and the internet  

  138. G.I. Joes to the Rescue of Rembrandts and Raphaels.  

  139. A thief has stolen a jersey worn by NFL great Reggie White from a display case at the Chattanooga African American Museum.  


  141. Historic artefacts may be up for sale illegally on eBay despite moves to clamp down on the trade in "treasure", the British Museum has said.  

  142. Spain. Tras ocho años cerrado, se reabrió ayer el museo de arte sacro de la Colegiata de Osuna.  

  143. THEFT OF SHEPHERDS IN ANCIENT CHRISTMAS CRIB IN NAPLES (value estimated approximately 1 million euros)  

  144. Descendants of Nazi doctor lose fight over compensation for looted art.  

  145. British Museum decries eBay artifact sales.  

  146. South Africa. Thief burns stolen Pierneef.  

  147. Le guet du Château devant le tribunal.  

  148. Roban imagen de la Virgen de Santa Bárbara en la localidad de Ayo Ayo.  

  149. Communist leader presented with picture stolen from Hermitage.  

  150. Italy ready to cut ties in row with Getty museum.  

  151. Painting Stolen From Russia's Hermitage Museum Returned.  

  152. Toronto man is facing charges after the brazen robbery of a massive copper statue of a famous Titan, but he won't be sentenced to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.  

  153. A $50, 000 violin that was stolen from the Billings airport in April has been recovered.  

  154. Eight thousand antique coins stolen from the Iraqi museum.  

  155. Gestohlene Antiquitäten, sakrale Objekte und Waffen hat die Brunecker Finanzwache in einem Magazin in Alta Badia entdeckt. Auf die Spur der Kunstobjekte waren die Beamten bei einer Steuerkontrolle in einer Firma gekommen.  

  156. Thieves have run off with four elephant tusks from the museum of the Bandung Zoo.  

  157. Italians say negotiations with Getty nearing breakdown.  

  158. Rescuing Da Vinci Spurs Congressional Resolution Honoring the Monuments Men.  

  159. The development of a gas plant near ancient Aboriginal rock art on Western Australia's Burrup Peninsula would be like destroying art in a museum, a rally in Perth has been told.  

  160. Italy Digs in Its Heels in Artifacts Dispute With the Getty.  

  161. Munch painting permanently damaged.  

  162. Proposed leading archaeology sites found by robbers.  

  163. Scoperto traffico nazionale di 20 mila dipinti e opere grafiche contraffatti.  

  164. A pair of antique tractors, worth an estimated $11, 000, were stolen from the Bulls Gap Railroad Museum earlier this month and the Hawkins County Sheriff's Department is looking for eyewitnesses to the crime.  

  165. On the Trail of Pilfered History. The market in stolen historical documents has gotten so hot that federal investigators have launched an operation to retrieve what belongs to the government.  

  166. The Ethiopian Millennium - and the Question of Ethiopia's Cultural Restitution.  

  167. Parishes in Naples are removing precious artworks from local places of worship following the theft of 18th century nativity scene figurines, estimated to be worth €1 million, from a church in Naples.  

  168. The Odyssey Of Stuart Pivar's Roman Bronze Boy.  

  169. 274 art works stolen from State Art Museum found in USA  

  170. Roban una réplica de dinosaurio de 80 kilos de la plaza de las catedrales  

  171. Arturo Martini, alla grande mostra milanese una scultura rocambolescamente ritrovata  

  172. Ofrecen recompensa por obras robadas a museo carioca  

  173. Strafverfahren gegen Ermitage-Großdieb Sawadski vor Gericht gebracht  

  174. Ex-curator's husband to stand trial for Hermitage thefts  

  175. Culture and Tourism Ministry inspectors discover unregistered artifacts  


  177. Museum thief a step ahead during decades-long spree  

  178. Interview: Italy's Antiquities Prosecutor Fiorilli  

  179. Three charged in antique furniture theft  

  180. En auge los robos y venta de arte sacro  

  181. Lazise  

  182. Thieves steal valuable art for scrap metal  

  183. Art theft mystifies Claycomb's Plaza Mall community  

  184. Roban estatua de u$s250 mil del Jockey Club platense  

  185. Robo de arte, el tráfico del tiempo “sí es un problema real”, dice el INAH  

  186. McCartney paintings in dispute  

  187. fwd: En auge los robos y venta de arte sacro  

  188. False Alarm: No Paintings Stolen From McCartney Estate  

  189. Dedicato all'arte il calendario dei Carabinieri 2007  

  190. x-Getty Curator Says She's Taking Fall  

  191. $500,000 storm damage to National Museum  

  192. Statement by the President of ICOM on current legal actions against museums for the return of illegally exported cultural property (especially Italy Vs the J Paul Getty Museum)  

  193. FW: The Medici Conspiracy voted one of Time's 10 best books of 2006  

  194. Hidalgo tiene registrado un 80 por ciento de su patriminio sacro.  

  195. Ancient History For Sale  

  196. Forgotten heroes of the fine art war intrigue America  

  197. Coast Guardsmen pay to replace stolen clown sculpture  

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